Madison and Hamilton reflections on the Electoral College
The method and perceived method of how we choose our President has changed greatly over the years. Alexander Hamilton famously defended the Founding Framer's Constitutional system of using Electors when he published Federalist number 68 in 1788. This system, as spelled out in Article II Section 1 of the Constitution was altered in 1804 with the ratification of the 12th amendment. Hamilton's lecture will discuss the reasons why we adopted the Elector system into the Constitution and why the majority desired to change the system only 15 years later. The video below gives a glimpse into the subject covered in this 45-60 minute address.



Scott MacScott CTM is a professional Public Speaker, Tour Manager and Guide. In the last 20 years he has lectured on topics including Education, History, Finance and Travel on four continents. His melodic voice, permanent smile and breadth of knowledge has entertained over 25,000 admirers and patrons. He is the former Chairman of the International Association of Tour Managers, IATM, which is the world’s professional association for the Tour Guiding and Tour Management industry. Scott is also the former Vice-Chairman for the Faculty Student Association of SUNY Buffalo which enjoyed over $20 million in annual sales. Currently Scott owns and operates The Travels LLC which specialises in Travelschooling through Living History.

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